The Process

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Along with original hand drawn animation, ‘Je suis un Crayon’ is a combination of filtered footage, digital film and 3D animation, all of which was then hand sketched by Carol D’Arcy and her team.

Carol was supported by a team of artists from both her local art community on the Gold Coast and interstate artist, Maryann Cremen (Canberra) who then completed the sketches under Carol’s supervision.

The artist process involved hand drawn animation as well as filtered footage. The filmed footage was converted into CGI filtered footage by Byron D’Arcy. The filtered footage and the hand drawn images resulted in thousands of individual images. Each image is equal to one frame of film. All images (hand drawn and CGI) were then hand sketched and/or shaded by Carol D’Arcy creating templates for her  team of artists to complete. Each second of digital film footage comprises 25 single sketches (1500 images per minute of film). VFX Supervision and 3D animation were created by Sterling Osment (frameworkvfx). The film was edited by Joe D’Arcy and the final colour grade was created by Byron D’Arcy utilising the depth of colour available with the ‘Raw’ footage.

A group of artists spend many hours sketching together in Carol D’Arcy’s art studio

Preparing to film the artist at work

‘Je suis un Crayon’ (I am a Pencil) was created throughout January, February and March 2015.


The Process

‘I am a Pencil’- Je suis un Crayon
‘I am a Pencil’- Je suis un Crayon