Production Team


VFX Supervision and 3D animation was looked after by Sterling Osment. Sterling was also an active and invaluable team member throughout the production of the film.


Carol D’Arcy creates a sketch in the film

Carol D’Arcy

Carol D’Arcy, (Producer/Artist) an artist with over thirty years of experience, is the artist behind the pencil in the film. Carol created the traditional hand drawn animations whilst also sketching and supervising the Artist team in completion of the thousands of sketches that make up the animated images.

Byron D’Arcy

Byron D’Arcy (byrondarcyfilms) was involved in every aspect of the film as Assistant Director and behind the scenes in the creation of the CGI & colour grading, giving the film its slightly burnt sepia finish.

Sterling Osment

Joe D’Arcy

Joe D’Arcy is the Writer, Director and Producer of  ‘Je suis un Crayon’ (I am a Pencil). Joe was inspired to create the film after seeing over three million people march throughout France in support of unity, peace and the freedom to express. Joe stated that, ‘once I had committed to the film, it had its own journey and I just became part of the process’.


Sterling Osment at FrameworkVFX creating the 3D Pen sequence

‘I am a Pencil’- Je suis un Crayon
‘I am a Pencil’- Je suis un Crayon